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Caribou RV Park

Caribou RV Park

Caribou RV Park is located 15 minutes from Whitehorse, Yukon—one of the three territories of Canada. The RV park has been in business for almost fifty years, being established in 1974. The current owners of the Caribou RV Park are Steve and Sandra Berger. The owners purchased the campground in the year 2019 and have added some unique culture to the property. Both of the owners can speak English, French, German, and Luxemburgish, and Sandra also speaks Italian. The owners and staff try to help their visitors "come as guests, and leave as friends."


Caribou RV Park sits on 5 acres of land, with a total of 48 sites that the various guests can choose from to stay at. Of those 48 sites, 40 of them are for those who bring their personal RVs, seven of them are for those who bring their tents, and the last sight is a cabin and suite. The sites that are meant for RVs are divided between 15 and 30 amps, and a few of the lots have cable TVs on them. There is a dump station on the property that allows guests to get rid of their waste from their RVs.

There are a few other amenities on the property, some of which include a laundromat, a fire pit, a variety of walking trails, and a car wash. There is also a camp store located on the property where guests can purchase any wanted groceries or necessary RV supplies. A unique feature about the property is the four deluxe showers provided at Caribou, offering a more private and clean area for the visitors of the camp to use at their leisure.

The owners of the camp have a unique talent that separates them from other people in the camping industry. The many languages that the owners, Steve and Sandra, understand and speak have stood out to the guests at the camp. Steve and Sandra each know five languages, allowing them to communicate with international travelers or many of those who know another language, speaking in languages such as English, French, Italian, Luxembourgish, German, and Dutch. This has been a welcoming gift to some people who have traveled from farther away, as they may be able to enjoy a small piece of home while they are away from home.


Caribou RV Park strives to invite all kinds of people from around the world so that there is a culture of international flare at the property. The owners help in this goal by speaking five different languages, which help them to better communicate with their international travelers. Besides the desire for an international presence at the campground, Caribou aims for their campers to "come as guests and leave as friends," as stated by part-owner Steve Berger. The owners and staff try to accomplish this by attempting to get to know each of the visitors to the camp on a more personal level than other people may have tried to do.

Guests of the property have mentioned the quality of service that is provided and the care given to the amenities offered by the campground. One guest wrote, "what a nice and relaxed campground/RV park & the new owners are super friendly and very helpful!" Another guest left a review saying that the property is "a great place to stay. Steve and Sandra provide great service... They took every precaution required and were very accommodating in meeting our needs. The facilities are clean and well attended by the staff."

Whitehorse, the closest city to the Caribou RV Park, offers trolley rides as well as several museums for guests to explore, such as the Copperbelt Railway and Mining Museum, which teaches its guests about the mining history from the past of Copperbelt. Whitehorse is also close to the Pacific Ocean and is "the city with the least air pollution in the world," according to Guinness World Records. Yukon—the territory of Canada that Whitehorse makes up—has an economy of tourism, offering hiking, kayaking, snowboarding, ice climbing, dog sledding, and more to those who visit the region.


Caribou RV Park has been around for almost 50 years now. The park started its business in the year of 1974 and has grown ever since. It has gone through four owners, with the current owners purchasing it in 2019. Steve and Sandra Berger were avid campers before buying the property. They visited Yukon in 2017 and thought that it was the place that would be the best for their desired camp. They purchased The Caribou RV Park, wanting to create the outdoor atmosphere that they enjoy so much for their future customers. Both owners have extensive backgrounds in international work, which they incorporate into their campground experience.

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Alaska Highway, Km 1403 P. O. Box 10512
Whitehorse, Yukon 99501




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