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Cannon Falls Campground

Cannon Falls Campground is located in Cannon Falls, Minnesota. The property contains about 38 acres of land, which holds many different facilities and units for guests to use. There are 214 RV sites available for patrons to rent out at seasonal, monthly, or weekly rates. All of the RV sites have water and electricity for guests to use. There is a volleyball court, a heated swimming pool, a horseshoe pit, and a playground for kids on the property. One unique feature that can be found on the property is the arcade room, where visitors can play games and win prizes. Events and activities occur at the property almost every week that the campground is open, providing many unique experiences for guests to participate in while they stay on the grounds. The property is open for use from April 15th through October 15th.


Cannon Falls Campground is located in Cannon Falls, Minnesota, and has 214 RV spots available for guests to choose from when they stay at the property. All of the sites have water and electricity provided through the AMPs. Visitors are able to put a tent on any of the sites they stay on. Every site has a fire ring provided so that guests can spend some time around the fire during their stay if they would like to. There is also a picnic table at every site that guests can use for eating, playing games, or talking with their family, friends, or other guests. Almost all of the sites are grass sites, providing a small space for visitors to use at their leisure. There are two laundry rooms on the property that are located in the same building as the restroom facilities. Coin-operated shower rooms can be found on the property as well. The restrooms and showers have handicap accessibility provided.

There is a store on the property that sells clothing, RV supplies, campfire cooking supplies, toys, little camping gifts, ice cream, candy, firewood, and more. The owners try to keep things in the store that their guests may forget to bring but that they need. They also provide patrons with propane refills if anyone at the campground ends up running out of propane.

The property tries to have themed activities every week for guests to participate in. Some events that the staff has put on in the past include foam parties, wagon rides, outdoor movies on Friday nights, and food truck Fridays. Occasionally they will have a DJ come and perform for those staying at the business, or they will have candy bar bingo. The owners have put on a carnival every August where other additional activities take place. Some of the carnival games include a dunk tank, a duck pond, a basketball shoot, a "putt to win," a sombrero toss, and more.

There is a grass field that the owners use for many of the activities that they put on at the campground, but people are free to use the field at their leisure otherwise. There is also an arcade on the property that has many games and prizes that guests can have if they win enough tickets from the games they play. "We're like a mini Chuck E Cheese!" says Tyler, one of the owners of Cannon Falls Campground.

Other aspects and features of the property are their many full-grown trees, a heated swimming pool, and a volleyball court. They also have a playground for kids to use and a horseshoe pit. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the property, and there is a dump station for guests to put their trash at. The property sits on a total of 38 acres of land, all of which are available for visitors to use and explore.


The property of Cannon Falls Campground has a large building called the Social Hall, which they rent out to their guests to use for family reunions or other events that they may need it for. If they aren't renting that building out, the owners often use it for events of their own that they put on for patrons of the park. The activities that the property puts on typically happen on the weekends, though the owners hope to have them happen more on the weekdays once their staff grows and they have a bit more time to do so. Another activity that goes on at the property is the "food truck Friday" event, which all guests are invited to participate in. Food trucks ran by local owners will come to the property every Friday and set up their businesses for anyone looking for an easy meal to have. Tyler, one of the owners of the property, believes that those who come to the property on a Friday are typically tired and would rather rest than make dinner for their family. He hopes that these food trucks will benefit his guests by helping them have more of an opportunity to relax and simply buy their dinner rather than take more time to make it.

The owners of the property want visitors to have fun and relax while they are staying with them at their business. They say that if they were to have a motto for their property, it would be "relax, refresh, and renew." They try to help every guest have the experience they are hoping for by incorporating something into the campground for every type of guest. They have provided people with many kinds of amenities for this purpose, including their volleyball court, the swimming pool, the arcade, the events and weekly activities, and the grassy field open for guest use. They also put on an occasional bean bag tournament or candy bar bingo night.

If the Cannon Falls Campground was known for anything, Tyler says it would be their cleanliness, their many trees, and the service provided to the guests by the staff. Many guests in the past have mentioned these aspects in their reviews about the property. One guest wrote that "the staff was so friendly. Our site was a little tight, so one of the staff came over to help guide us into our spot; a second set of eyes always helps. Everything was clean, and everyone was very friendly. The staff helped out any way they could." Another guest left a review saying, "This is a very clean facility. We always saw people out cleaning up and making sure everything stayed nice. The pool is great, as well as the arcade. There were lots of activities for our family to participate in. The people who work here are so nice and helpful."

The owners strive to help all of their guests have a smooth vacation. To help provide this, they advertise the Camper's App, which is where the owners can put their weekly or daily activities to help provide reminders for those staying with them that they have events going on during that day. The app also provides guests with alerts in cases of bad weather.

The campground is pet-friendly, allowing any guest who wants to bring their four-legged friends with them as they camp. The owners and staff do ask that park patrons never leave their pets unattended and that they have a leash on their dogs at all times. They ask this in order to help those who may be afraid of the dogs. There is a quiet time enforced on the grounds that starts at 11:00 PM and goes until 8:00 AM. This is required so that people staying at the property might be able to get the sleep that they need.

The property of Cannon Falls Campground is open seasonally. The owners open the property from April 15th until October 15th, during which they offer seasonal rates, monthly rates, and weekly rates. About half of the guests who stay at the property are seasonal guests who choose to stay for the entire time that the property is open; the rest of the guests use either monthly or weekly rates. Many of the visitors to Cannon Falls Campground are repeat guests, typically spending time at the property for a family reunion or coming to experience one of the holidays at the campground. Tyler says that "every weekend is a holiday." He says this because they tend to have more people coming and staying longer during the weekends, which is when they have many different types of activities for guests to participate in.

The typical demographic of guests has been a majority of both young couples and families, but there are guests at the property who are over 60 years old and others who have come alone. Usually, those who come by themselves are those who have work in the area, booking a site on the property for about a month. The property often becomes booked early on during their open months, so the owners recommend that those who are searching to stay for a month or longer call a couple of months in advance to have a spot with them. Tyler says that more people are finding the property every year because of the reputation that they have started with their activities, which has brought them an abundance of new and welcome guests.

There can be a lot to do in the area near Cannon Falls Campground. Many of the nearby activities include kayaking, boating, tubing, fishing, biking, and/or exploring. Some nearby attractions to the property are the Cannon Valley Bike Trail, Lake Bilsby, and a nearby river called Cannon River. There are also a couple of wineries and breweries in the town next to the campground that guests have visited in the past. There are also many people with family in the city or the surrounding area, which has led them to choose to stay at Cannon Falls Campground so that they are close to their family members and able to see them often.

Besides places to visit, there are also many places to eat near the campground, many of which the owners recommend personally. A few of these properties recommended are the Mill Street Tavern, Rancho Loco Grill and Bar, and Nick's Downtown Diner. All of these places are within a ten-minute drive of the property. If any guest is looking for a different place to eat, the Cannon Falls Campground website has more recommendations for places that the owners enjoy eating at. 


The property of Cannon Falls Campground was originally a KOA campground. It was this type of campground for many years until it was bought by a previous owner, who owned it for 8 years. They eventually sold it, and the next owners ran the business for an additional 16 years and then sold it to Tyler. Tyler and his family grew up going to many different campgrounds. They enjoy camping and spending time outdoors, leading them to visit many different places. They eventually found Cannon Falls Campground and were seasonal visitors to it for about 20 years. They learned much about the business of the property, and they strived to gain more experience from their own camping in preparation to help anyone who would need assistance in the future when they had their own campground. Today, Tyler and the other owners of the property strive to help any guest who may have any questions in regards to their vehicles or other camping issues.

Tyler, one of the owners of the property, bought Cannon Falls Campground in the year 2019. The other owners of the property are his mom, his dad, his brother, and his wife. Tyler most enjoys giving people the opportunity to relax and have fun while they stay with him at Cannon Falls Campground. He has owned it for almost three years now and has enjoyed running the property, meeting all of his new guests, becoming friends with many of them, and bringing new activities and events to everyone that stays at his RV park. Since owning the property, Tyler and his family have added more items to the store, brought family activities to their guests, resurfaced and renamed their roads, upgraded their electrical functioning, and, according to Tyler, brought more fun to the property. The carnival that they do every year was a recent innovation that the owner thought of due to a friend who was getting rid of a lot of his carnival-based games. They decided that buying these games and using them at their campground could be a beneficial move for the property. By bringing these ideas into the campground, they have found more guests who want to have fun while staying at the property. The property is family-owned, helping the owners understand more about those with families who stay with them.

In the future, they hope to expand their property by purchasing one of the nearby lands. In doing so, they hope to add more sites to the property, including cabin sites for those looking for something different than what they may normally find. They also hope to upgrade their playground facility sometime soon and have more of their events during the week rather than only on weekends. The owners plan to do this if they are able to grow their property and staff in the future. Another future plan that the owners have is to provide faster Wi-Fi to those who may need it and are willing to pay a fee. The free internet will still be available to all guests, but it is currently only strong enough to help guests retrieve emails and have some calls, so they feel that this new Wi-Fi will help many of their guests in newer ways.

Many things that the owners have done have helped them find more success in their business. One of the processes that have helped the campground is putting a greater emphasis on developing an online presence. The previous owner did everything by pen and paper, which Tyler felt wouldn't be efficient enough for how the current owners were helping to run the business.

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