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Campland RV Park

Campland RV Park is located right off Old US Highway 24 and is four blocks away from the Dwight D. Eisenhower Highway in Burlington, Colorado. Campland RV Park presently has 11 sites that visitors may book, and each reservable space has the same hook-ups as the rest. Most of the park's sites are designated for short-term stays, however, some are available for long-term stays. Management of the park has a garden on the property that grows various types of vegetables that guests may use to cook. Outside the campground, patrons may visit or participate in some of the activities and events hosted by the city of Burlington, which differ depending on the time of year. 


Campland RV Park occupies an expanse in the eastern region of Colorado near the Dwight D. Eisenhower Highway. This RV park offers 11 sites that patrons may reserve, and the amenities of the sites are primarily hookups that provide sewer and electrical outlets. The available electricity is 30, 50, and 110 amps. Management of the RV park would like future patrons to know that nine sites require guests to back their RV in while the others allow visitors to pull through and park their RV. They also mention that the two pull-through sites are slightly wider than the other nine. Additionally, each site has other amenities such as a grass area and picnic table. Wi-fi is also available throughout the grounds of Campland RV Park. It should be noted that there are no bathrooms or firepits on the premises. Management of the park says that they would like each of their patrons to be "self-contained," and the park does not have indoor amenities. 

After guests arrive at Campland RV park, they may notice a few details regarding the property's grounds. The RV park is contained within a triangular area, with much of the park currently being covered in gravel. A garden is another feature of the property, as it features different types of herbs. Some of the herbs in the garden are lemon basil, thyme, and oregano. Guests may use the available vegetation for cooking purposes.


Owners of the Campland RV Park would like guests to have good experiences with management, as the staff put forth an effort to be kind and knowledgable. The staff also tries to keep the campground clean. Previous patrons have left reviews of the park and its staff, one of them saying, "The owner is great. She was very polite and accommodating, and she even sent me a text with directions and a map. This is a nice little campground. It was very clean, and all the hookups look new and working." Another past visitor said that "the small town feel was enjoyable. The owner is very hands-on. She seems to work every day to keep the place up, the grass green, and the weeds out. She was very knowledgeable about the area and the things that go on in it." 

One of the owners says that they understand that many stressful things are going through one's mind during a trip, but they seek for guests to have a "relaxed" experience during their stay. The property has a few different policies that they would like people to follow. Management would like guests to know that they are dog friendly, but pets must be kept on a leash at all times, and patrons are expected to pick up after their animals. Additionally, visitors are allowed to smoke on the grounds of the property, but they are also expected to dispose of their cigarette buds in the proper area and not on the ground. 

The RV park is open year-round, and the campground most commonly receives couples, according to the owners. Generally speaking, the property's busiest time of year is from May to August. Many visitors use the park as an overnight location while journeying to other destinations, as reported by one of the owners. According to the owner, the park's success can be attributed to the experience patrons have had while interacting with owners. They also say that many people who have learned about their park had discovered it through online websites, reviews, and word of mouth. People staying at Campland RV Park may also want to visit or participate in the available attractions and events held in the city of Burlington. In the city, the time of year determines what may be available, as some attractions are hosted for a limited time and others are open year-round. Generally, the attractions that are open year-round include Old Town Museum, the carousel, and a bowling alley. Moreover, during the summer months, the city hosts a car show that visitors can attend. The city may also host concerts throughout the year.


Since its construction, Campland RV Park has been operating as an RV park. The current management of the park purchased the acreage from the original owners in 2006. Throughout the duration of the current camp hosts' ownership, they have updated all of the utilities. In the future, the owners hope that they will be able to add the ability for patrons to bring tiny homes onto the property.

One of the owners of Campland RV park says that their favorite part about being an owner is getting a chance to talk to their patrons. However, they say that in recent times, they have not been able to interact as much as they would like with visitors.

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330 East U.S. Hwy. 24
Burlington, Colorado 80807
United States



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