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Camp Rendezvous At Swan Valley

Camp Rendezvous at Swan Valley is located just outside of Idaho Falls, Idaho in Swan Valley. The property has four cabins and twelve RV sites that are open year-round for guests to rent. The busiest season is generally from June through August. All of the RV sites have full hookups of water, sewage, and power. The sites either have 30 or 50 amp hookup capabilities. All four of the cabins have air conditioning, televisions, showers, towels, a mini-fridge, and a microwave. Across the premises is free Wi-Fi for patron usage. The owners hope that those who stay on the property can have a peaceful, relaxing stay. They strive to help guests feel "like part of the family," according to one of the owners. 


The Camp Rendezvous at Swan Valley sits on 9 acres of land in Swan Valley, Idaho. The property has four cabins and twelve RV sites available to guests year-round. Nine of the twelve RV spaces have full hookups of water, sewage, and power. The sites with hookups vary between 30 and 50 amp power, and eight of them are pull-through sites that can accommodate rigs of up to 48 feet. Along with the nine sites with hookups, there are acres of land that are available for tent and dry camping. The four cabins all include air conditioning, Wi-Fi, televisions, showers, towels, a microwave, and a mini-fridge. The previous owners of the property constructed all four of the cabins. They designed and built each of them by hand and every cabin is designed to be similar to the others but still unique. The cabins each have unique names including Cutthroat Cabin, Rainbow Trout Cabin, German Brown Cabin, and the Bunkhouse. 

On the grounds of Camp Rendezvous, there is a lodge that has a convenience store, a fly fishing shop, and a coffee and tea shop. The convenience store sells a variety of items including snacks, drinks, beer, cocktails, fishing supplies, and camping items. The property is in a mountainous area of Idaho, occupying land near the Snake River between Baldy Mountain and Red Ridge. According to one of the owners, across the grounds are full-grown shade trees, which are at some of the RV sites. An hour and forty minutes from the establishment, guests can visit the Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park. Also within an hour's drive is Jackson Wyoming. 

While staying at Camp Rendezvous, the owners have policies in place in order to keep the property in good condition and to emulate a family-friendly atmosphere for all patrons. Pets are allowed at the campgrounds, but they must be contained or on a leash for the duration of their stay. There are quiet hours for those staying overnight from 10 PM to 6 AM every day. Guests are allowed to have fires at the campsites only in the fire rings provided at each of the sites. 


The area surrounding Camp Rendezvous at Swan Valley has been used for many years as a venue for fly fishermen and hunters, according to owner, Candy Moffit. Many who come to stay at the property are of a similar demographic of fishermen and hunters, however recently more families have been coming to stay on the grounds. Candy says that "family is very near and dear to us," and hopes that the campground can be used as a gateway for families to experience the outdoors together. In the future, they want to add a playground structure to the land that guests can use during their stay. The owners, Candy and Randy, want families to be able to come back year after year and begin family camping traditions with each other. The grounds of the establishment are in a secluded area just outside of Idaho Falls, Idaho, and as such, Candy says that they "treasure the fact that we are off the road and we are quiet." The hope is that those who stay at the Rendezvous can feel peaceful in the relatively quiet surroundings.

While staying at the campground, the owners have policies in place to keep guests safe and maintain the quiet atmosphere of the grounds. Pets are allowed at Camp Rendezvous, however, they are to be on a leash at all times. The owners of the property also have pets and encourage guests who feel comfortable, to bring their pets to stay with them. Kids and families are welcomed and encouraged to stay at the establishment. Smoking is allowed on the premises but it is prohibited from taking place in any of the cabins. Additionally, there are quiet hours from 11 PM to 6 AM every day. Picnic tables and fire rings are provided at every site, but the owners ask that after 11 PM patrons be respectful of those staying nearby them by not burning fires after that time. 

The owners hope that those who come to stay at Camp Rendezvous at Swan Valley are able to feel comfortable and "like family," according to Candy. They strive to help guests feel this way by trying to be open and available if patrons have any questions or are looking for recommendations of places to visit in the area. The owners live on-site and try to be available to help at any time. The office is open until 8 PM each evening, and after it closes the owners walk through the property and check on visitors to see if they need anything. 

The owners of Camp Rendezvous are trying to build a sense of community, not just on the grounds, but also throughout the area. They strive to host community events throughout the year such as a Halloween party in order to help those in the area get to know each other. In the fall, Candy and Randy purchase a truckload of pumpkins and take them to the elementary school nearby to allow the kids in the area to carve a pumpkin. Guests at the campground in the past have come together and had concerts or sing-along nights and hang out with each other in the evenings. One guest mentioned about the property that it was a "clean park that has nice landscaping with shaded sites. It’s a very quiet, peaceful park. Close enough to visit Grand Teton National Park but still far away from the crowds and traffic."

In the area surrounding the camp, there are many outdoor activities that guests can take part in. According to Candy, the Snake River is world renowned for its fly fishing, and many stay at the establishment during fishing trips. A fair amount of visitors choose to stay at Camp Rendezvous due to its close proximity to both the Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park. 


The owners of Camp Rendezvous at Swan Valley have been operating the property since June of 2021. The previous owners had owned the business for 18 years. Under the previous ownership, the cabins were built on the premises of the campgrounds. When they built the cabins, they did not build from a kit; they instead designed and built the cabins by hand. Candy Moffit, one of the current owners, describes the cabins as being "a little hotel suite in a little cabin." When the original owner of the camp began running the property, the land was used as a restaurant and fly shop. Over time, the original owner added the campgrounds to the business. After he sold the establishment, the second owner decided to take out the restaurant and operate the campgrounds and fly shop only. Over time, the business changed ownership, and cabins and more RV sites were added.

Candy and Randy Moffit, the current owners of Camp Rendezvous, remark that they always knew they wanted to retire into the hospitality industry. Before purchasing the grounds of the camp, they owned a cabin and rented it out to patrons. They decided to take the next step and purchase the campground with the hope that doing so would also help them to be able to spend more time with their grandchildren. In the time that they have been managing the property, they have renovated and updated the cabins and expanded to add more RV sites. They have also updated the fly fishing shop to be more of a convenience store, hoping to provide amenities to those who live locally around the campgrounds. There are six acres of land around the current campgrounds that, in the future, Candy and Randy may use to add more sites or a form of entertainment for guests.

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