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Burlington RV Park

The Burlington RV Park is located in Burlington, Colorado, off the I-70 exit. There are 11 RV pull-through sites available for reservations, each including full hook-ups, picnic tables, and trees separating each RV site. Reservations are available year-round; however, the owner notes that the busiest season of operation tends to fall between the months of April to October. One particular aspect about the property is that the typical demographic of people are those passing through the area to reach a different location. Pets are permitted on the premises, though they must be kept on a leash at all times. Activities in the area include visiting the Kit Carson County Carousel, Rocket Park, and a local water park.


The town of Burlington, Colorado, is home to the Burlington RV Park. Those who decide to stay at the campground have the option to reserve any of the 11 main RV sites. When the park is completely booked, there are an additional four sites designated for “overflow,” according to one of the owners. On the property, there is a garden shed where self-reservation is completed by patrons.

All of the RV sites are pull-through and include full hook-ups as well as complimentary Wi-Fi. Picnic tables are provided at every site, and each reservable space is characteristic of a fairly small young tree, as mentioned by the owner. The park has planted herbs and a variety of perennials around the base of the trees. In regard to the space between each RV site, “There is more than enough space to have sliders out,” comments Lisa, one of the owners of the Burlington RV Park. She also remarks that the park is set up in a way that there should be no obstruction for guests’ satellites, should they wish to set one up. All of the accommodations are uniform in size and amenities; however, the owners prefer to put the bigger RVs in sites that have a different angle. The units are able to accommodate relatively larger vehicles such as a fifth wheel, for example, and the sites can have an additional vehicle as well.

The park is made up of gravel and half of the perimeter is surrounded by lilac hedges, while the north side offers a grass area. This area is often utilized by those who bring pets to the property. The acreage of the property is described to be about “half a city block,” says Lisa; in other words, about one acre of land. Generally speaking, the area is described by the owners to be "rural."


The owners of the Burlington RV Park have the goal of creating a place that has “no stress” and provides an “easy in, easy out” atmosphere, which the owners remark is what they are most known for. Notably, the RV park is also known for its cleanliness, as reported by Lisa, one of the owners. In an effort to reach the aforementioned goal, they try to make things as “easy as possible.” Examples of such efforts include trying to provide flexibility with arrival and allowing cash payments. Moreover, considering that the RV park is fairly dark at night, according to the owners, lights were added to the trees throughout the premises to improve the general accessibility at the camp.

Currently, there are no events held at the property, and the sites are mainly designated for the convenience of those traveling through the area. When patrons stay at the RV park, they are expected to follow certain policies. Such regulations include keeping dogs on leashes and picking up trash. All rules are based on the mindset of “courtesy to neighbors,” says the owner, Lisa.

According to the owners, one thing that sets Burlington RV Park apart from other RV parks is that they “believe in people’s word,” meaning they have set up the park so that guests pay when they are settled in and decide the park is what they want. The success of the business is attributed to the customer service the park provides, says Lisa. Guests are known to leave reviews regarding their stay at the RV park. One such patron said, “The owners are totally awesome; they’re really caring people and treat their guests with respect and courtesy. All they ask is that you follow their rules. The river is literally across the street, and there is plenty of fishing and activities within walking distance.”

Burlington RV Park is a campground that is operational year-round, typically busiest between the months of April to October, which is attributed by the owners to travel time for people. Those who stay at the property are most commonly those who are passing through the area to reach their final destination. Of those traveling through the area, guests of the RV park tend to fall into an older demographic of couples; however, they have received other types of visitors, such as young business professionals. Repeat guests are also common for the park.

Those who want to explore the area instead of passing through are able to visit various national historical sites that are located in the region. Such attractions include the Kit Carson County Carousel, which was built in 1905; an old town, which features frontier buildings and different types of shows and performances depending on the time of the year; Rocket Park; and a local water park area. Restaurants in the area that the owners recommend to visitors include The Dish Room, which typically sources their food locally, and The Post for breakfast.


Burlington RV Park was built in 2015 in Burlington, Colorado. The owners who created the RV park continue to own and operate the business currently. Before the property was utilized for accommodations, it was owned by a local man that used it as a retirement lot that stored older equipment.

In order to start the business, the owners made various changes to the land, such as leveling the terrain. To level the area, they used crushed concrete and then laid a level of gravel. Other additions to the premises by the owners include all of the trees. Relatively old tractors were left on the acreage to be used as landmarks for visitors coming to Burlington RV Park.

The current owners of the Burlington RV Park own and operate other RV parks as well. They were led to purchase this park due to its location near an I-70 exit off of the highway Burlington, which has become a “perfect location for them,” as mentioned by one of the owners, Lisa. “Easy access on and off the interstate” is available from the premises, which is also why they established all of the RV sites as pull-through. The only addition to the property since being started has been the overflow area. Future plans for the campground include the possibility of converting the overflow area into a place for tiny homes. The owners mention that their favorite part about owning and operating the RV park is being able to interact with their guests when they have the opportunity.

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