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Black Wolf Lodging

Black Wolf Lodging is a reservation company stationed in Breckenridge, Colorado, that manages three summer homes in Twin Lakes, Colorado. Two of the houses are open from June to September, while the third is offered year-round. Each of the properties are relatively close to the lakeside, and each offers unobstructed views of the water's surface. Each home is decorated with rustic nature inspired d├ęcor. Breakfast is not provided by the Black Wolf Lodging owners, however full kitchens and nearby grocery stores make it easy for guests to purchase and cook their own meals.


"Black Wolf Lodging" is the name for the property management company in Breckenridge, Colorado. The company is primarily operated by Kendra Driemeyer, though she doesn't personally own any of the homes that she manages. Three different cabins fall under the umbrella of Black Wolf Lodging, though Kendra describes them as being much more closely defined as homes. Each of the three houses comes equipped with kitchens, living rooms, refrigerators, heating, and air conditioning. The three homes have distinct styles, though they all share log cabin motifs and rustic decorations. The outward appearance of each cabin is distinctive in its nature.

Mountain Magic--one of the homes--has a master suite and a walk-out deck. The home is the most modern of the three, sporting only subtle rustic themes and decorations. There are large windows in the master suite and common area which provide views of the surrounding mountain landscape. The Starvue Retreat sits on top of Reva Ridge, a short distance to the northeast of Mountain Magic. Starvue is the largest of the three properties, offering accommodations for up to 10 people in three stories. It is also the most private of the three cabins, resting on 3.8 acres with a half-mile radius between it and other properties.

Starvue retreat is also the only cabin open year-round. Finally, the Panorama Home is situated to the northwest of the other two cabins. It has two master suites, laundry machines, and reclining chairs in the living room. It should be noted that the regions directly surrounding the lakeside are owned by the state. Kendra says that she considers the three homes of Black Wolf Lodging to be some of the closest existing real estates to Twin Lakes. The surrounding landscape is a mountain desert landscape, lacking trees in many areas, yet dotted with greenery on the ground in small quantities. Breakfasts are to be provided by the guests themselves, which they can prepare and store in the kitchens included in each home.


The desired culture of the cabins of Black Wolf Lodging is that of "serenity and peacefulness of the rural mountain area," according to the manager Kendra. The region of Twin Lakes, Colorado, is relatively remote and secluded. Visitors to the city are generally summer travelers hoping to experience some of the nearby hiking trails. Water activities are another draw to the area, though there isn't a marina in Twin Falls. This means that the majority of the activities are based around non-motorized vehicles, such as kayaks and rafts. Paddle boarding, fishing, and swimming are other activities that visitors often undertake while staying at Black Wolf Lodging.

Kendra explains that the idea is for families to have a true getaway. Some people express frustrations with having limited cell service, but Kendra says that those people don't understand the culture they are trying to adopt at Black Wolf. "I put games and other things in the homes so that people can spend time together as families." In her opinion, people should be staying in the Twin Lakes region to "commune with nature," hike, go on the lake, and spend time with the people they love. One guest said, "Myself, my husband, and our two friends stayed at the Mountain Magic location, and it was pretty magical!" Twin Falls as a city is not known for much precisely, other than the fact that the lake is the largest glacial lake in the state of Colorado. The permanent residents are typically isolated, and there are not many businesses in town.


Kendra Driemeyer is the manager of Black Wolf Lodging, which encompasses the three cabins mentioned above that surround Twin Lakes. Kendra has been in the lodging industry for some time, starting in Twin Lakes with an inn. She entered the industry at a difficult time, considering that there was a decline in the enterprise in the area. In 2009, she was persuaded to start managing the Starvue Retreat, whose owner was not in the home for long periods of time and wanted to rent it out. From that time forward, the management became known as Black Wolf Lodging. Over time, she took over more properties, eventually leaving the inn behind. At one point, she was helping to manage eleven different houses, but due to a lack of housekeeping staff, she has slowly let the majority of them go over the years.

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