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Big Kandiyohi Lake County Park EAST

Big Kandiyohi Lake County Park EAST

Big Kandiyohi Lake County Park is located in Lake Lillian, Minnesota. It is a secluded campground with lots of outdoor activities to do while on the campsite and surrounding the campground.


Big Kandiyohi Lake County Park is located around 20 miles south of Willmar. The park is open year-round and has 72 RV sites and eight tent sites. Pets are welcome on the property. Restrooms and showers are provided on the campground for guests' convenience. There is a store on the property selling a vast amount of items for guests to enjoy. Kandiyohi Lake's campground is a ways away from any nearby restaurant; with this in mind, the store provides pizza, burgers, candy, and more. Guests can also buy ice and gas directly on the property so that they don't need to put forth any thought about bringing their own. The property is a wooded area with lots of wildlife to see. A big draw to the campground and one of the guests' favorite features of the campground is the lake that is situated right on the property. There is a big sandy beach, ideal for playing in the sand or fishing on the shore. Many campers fish, swim, boat, tube, and play in the water how they please. Guests can fish walleye, crappies, and catfish while on the lake or the shoreline. There are many outdoor activities to do while staying on the campground, including hiking, kayaking, and canoeing. Guests can enjoy themselves to volleyball, grills, picnic tables, and play equipment, while on the property.


Big Kandiyohi Lake County Park strives to provide a family-friendly environment for guests. Providing guests with excellent customer service is important to Chad, the owner. They hope that guests will return year after year because of the positive experience on the campground. Something that makes the campground unique is the many trees that surround the campsite. This offers guests a lot of shade and a peaceful setting. When guests come and stay on the campground, they typically remain on-site. They don't usually seek local attractions, but instead enjoy the different features that the property offers, specifically the lake. The lake provides guests a place for easy access to activities such as fishing, boating, and tubing. Another unique aspect of Big Kandiyohi Lake County Park is the food offered on-site, making it a little more possible for guests to stay right on the property during their time camping. Guests have left high reviews of the property, commenting on the cleanliness of the park. Minnesota is known for the many outdoor adventures available to visitors. There are more than 10,000 lakes, forests, and plenty of hiking trails with overlooking views. Visitors can enjoy biking on paved paths, ATVing, or snowmobiling in the winter. Another reason to visit Minnesota is to experience The Northern Lights. It is one of the best states to view the Northern Lights and makes for a memorable experience.


Big Kandiyohi Lake County Park has been around for 61 years. Chad currently runs the campground. He and his wife have camped a lot in recent years, which sparked the idea of running a campground themselves. They have always thought it sounded fun to run a campground, so in 2019 they took over ownership of Big Kandiyohi. They have loved the experience and have enjoyed meeting all kinds of new people.

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9144 123rd Ave SE
Lake Lillian, Minnesota 56253
United States





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