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Bennett's RV Ranch

Located in Granbury, Texas, the RV park of Bennett's RV Ranch opened in 2007 and has a total of 44 sites. There are plans to add more in the future. The amenities at each unit are "full service," including sewer, water, and electrical hookups. Additional amenities include but are not limited to bathrooms and a laundry facility located in the same building. The business has various other aspects to its services and what they sell, such as a repair shop, an RV dealership called Bennett's Camping Center, and a parts store. As said by management, the staff of the RV park seeks to be knowledgeable and friendly in their interactions with patrons. Additionally, park employees try to be available to assist and answer guests' questions. Also, attractions and activities may be available in the surrounding regions and areas of the park.


Bennett's RV Ranch is located in Granbury, Texas, and is owned by Wayne and Fae Bennett as well as Stacy and Jim Rist. The property has many aspects to the business, including but not limited to an RV park, a repair shop, and a parts store incorporated into the Bennett's Camping Center dealership. Potential guests can choose from the 44 RV sites that can support various lengths of reservations. At each site, visitors may generally find that they can hook up their RV to sewer, water, and a 50 amp electrical outlet. Additional amenities include access to cable TV, Wi-Fi, and a picnic table. According to Stacy, a property co-owner, around half of the units are shaded, and the majority of the units require patrons to back in their RV. Outside of the park, Stacy says that if a guest's RV is in need of maintenance, the center has an RV repair shop that may be able to fix the visitor's RV during their stay. They also mention that they try to be quicker about fixing the RVs that have a more severe maintenance need. Furthermore, if people are looking for general repair parts for their RV equipment, they may be able to find them in the parts store.

On the property, some additional buildings and locations offer patrons other amenities. One building has a laundry facility and four bathrooms. The laundry facility is accessible to all visitors, and Stacy says that it provides around six washers and dryers. According to her, each of the four bathrooms has a toilet, sink, and shower, but only one of the bathrooms is considered to be handicap accessible. Another building on the company's grounds can be rented and used as a gathering area. Generally, the installation requires an extra fee to be rented; however, if around six of the current groups want to rent the building, the establishment owners will allow it to be rented for free. According to Stacy, there is a location on the property that has a playground, while another area has around seven storage buildings that guests can rent.

Bennett's RV Ranch does not offer activities or events for their patrons to participate in. However, in the region and area around the park, people can travel to various activities and attractions. According to the business's official website, people may find interest in going to locations such as the Historical Granbury Square, Hood County Museum, Granbury Lake, Granbury Opera House, and Barking Rocks Winery. Additionally, Stacy says the City of Fort Worth, Texas is around 25 miles from the business. If visitors want to eat out in the surrounding area, Stacy recommends places such as Mi Familia, 1890 Steak House, and Stumpy's. 


Stacy, a Bennett's RV Ranch co-owner, says she and the other owners want their guests, who are staying for a short period of time, to feel that "vacation has started," while they intend for those who are staying for a longer timeframe to feel as if they are "at home." Some of the standard practices that Stacy says help create this culture is that staff are knowledgeable and kind to their guests.

The business has implemented rules and policies they would like their patrons to adhere to during their stay. Animals are welcomed; however, they do not allow breeds considered to be aggressive, and while in the park, animals outside must be on a leash. Management and staff can be reached generally during business hours but can be available in case of emergency. Quiet hours start at 10:00 PM and last until 7:00 AM the following day. When guests want their RV repaired, management says for people to send a picture of what needs to be fixed.

Previous people who have stayed at the park have spoken about various aspects of the business. One past patron, speaking about their experience getting their RV repaired, said, "Our trailer had been without water for two weeks due to a water leak. We had an appointment for another repair place five days later but inquired about their availability. Their tech came to our RV in their campground the next morning and got our leak fixed." Another guest speaking about their experience during their stay said, "Nice and quiet. Lots of wildlife in the open field behind and lots of beautiful birds. The staff was friendly, helpful, and honest."

According to Stacy, the RV park at Bennett's RV Ranch is open year-round, and a variety of people come to stay at different times of the year. One of the aspects of the business that staff says makes them unique is that they offer and sell various services and products in the industry from one location. If a person, group, or organization wants to make a reservation, Stacy says they need to call the main office.


Bennett's Camping Center was started by the Bennett Family and has been owned by them since the 1970s. At first, the business operated as a dealership, but in 2007 they opened Bennett's RV Ranch—the RV park—for those wanting to stay overnight. According to Stacy, "it was the love of camping that led to the work." She says that the establishment did not exist before, and the area around it was "not really developed." Over time, they have upgraded their Wi-Fi, and in the future, they plan to add more RV sites to the existing 44. Stacy says her favorite part about working at the business is the people and that they are "helping families make memories."

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United States




Wayne and Fae Bennett, Stacy and Jim Rist

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