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Bearlodge Mountain Resort

Bearlodge Mountain Resort

Known for its hunting, fishing, and snowmobiling, the city of Sundance, Wyoming, is home to the Bearlodge Mountain Resort. Sundance—which is a comparatively small town—is surrounded on all sides by forests and mountains, making the city very nature-based. The mountainous terrain that encompasses Bearlodge makes accessing the property reasonably difficult. Visitors to the area during the winter months will likely require a vehicle with four-wheel drive in order to arrive safely. Bearlodge Mountain Resort is made up of seven cabins and one luxury condo that all sit on five acres of land. The primary demographics of visitors to the property are large hunting groups or couples seeking a romantic getaway.


The Bearlodge Mountain Resort is on five acres of land in the mountainside, a short distance away from the town of Sundance, Wyoming. The property is named after nearby Bear Lodge Mountain, which sits in the northeastern corner of Wyoming. The resort is home to seven cabins and a single luxury condo. Four of the seven cabins are classified as "studio cabins," containing a single room and a private bathroom. Usually, these cabins are reserved by smaller groups of people, namely couples or small hunting parties. The other type of cabin on the premises is more extensive, containing two bedrooms and a private bathroom apiece. These cabins are often rented out by small families or slightly larger hunting groups. Finally, the luxury condo includes three bedrooms and two bathrooms, along with a relatively spacious living room and multiple televisions. Regardless of the kind of cabin a guest may choose to stay in, each unit comes equipped with a full kitchen with a microwave and refrigerator. Wi-Fi is also included as part of the price of a night's stay, along with access to a deck that offers views of the sunrise or sunset (depending on the cabin).

The property is accessed by means of a dirt road that stems off of the main highway leading to Sundance, Wyoming. There is a log arch with the property's name that all guests pass through on their way to the cabins. The cabins themselves are simple in outward appearance, consisting of wooden beams and white accents on doors and window frames. Inside, the cabins generally have decor that is made up of genuine wood, including stools, television stands, bed frames, and other features. Because the property is located so close to the nature of northern Wyoming, it is common to catch sight of animals such as deer, elk, and squirrels. Sometimes they get remarkably close to the cabins, having been accustomed to seeing them as part of their environment.

Most of the nearby attractions are based around spending time outside. For example, the majority of guests that stay at Bearlodge Mountain Resort take place in hiking, fishing, hunting, and visiting national parks. Hunters often remain on the property because there is game to hunt in the wilderness regardless of the season. Additionally, visitors to Bearlodge can opt for a day outing at locations such as Mount Rushmore, Devils Tower, Spearfish Canyon, and the Crazy Horse Monument.


The owner of Bearlodge Mountain Resort is named Mat and is dedicated to helping guests have an enjoyable experience during their time at the property. Bearlodge is open year-round, which in Mat's eyes gives them the opportunity to have a "really peaceful place to hang out and chill" at any time. When asked about what the property has to offer, Mat said, "It's like living in a tiny home. We provide everything you might need to live there for however long you'd like. You just have to bring your toothbrush and toothpaste." This atmosphere creates an opportunity for each guest to make their own experience that can be personalized to their preferences.

One guest commented on their opinion regarding the convenience they experienced when staying at the property by stating, "I liked the small size setting and the fit and function of the tiny house cabins. Each is well set up and stocked, clean, and comfortable." Another guest said, "Very clean, cozy, and everything you need to cook and sleep well. Has scenic views too." Guests who want to create their own experiences and have the chance to spend time in a more rural, remote setting are able to do so at Bearlodge Mountain Resort. The town of Sundance is virtually just as remote as the surrounding mountains, priding itself on small-town hospitality and being the kind of place where there are "no lines in the grocery store." The area serves as a fairly central location for tourists who want to visit many of the surrounding attractions. Sundance as a whole is also known for its hunting, fishing, and hiking.


Since the year 2000, Mat—who owns the Bearlodge Mountain Resort—had been looking for a prime opportunity to set up a lodging area for people who needed a place to stay nearby. Finally, in 2019 a spot opened up for him near Sundance, Wyoming. He saw the property that now houses the Bearlodge Mountain Resort was for sale, so he took the deal. Thus far, he has enjoyed helping guests have an enjoyable experience. The nearby town of Sundance was established as a trading post in 1875 and is named after the Sundance Kid because legend has it that it is the only place where he spent time in jail.

The town, though not very big, still has a rich history. The main streets in the town were primarily created for teams of horses and freight wagons. Other than the advances in technology in the past century and a half, Sundance itself hasn't changed much. The population hovers at just over 1000, and the general store is 115 years old.

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