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Bay City Holiday RV Park

Bay City Holiday RV Park

Occupying land in the southeastern region of Bay City, Texas, Bay City Holiday RV Park features 40 RV spaces, plus three apartments that visitors can rent. The RV park has been under ownership by the current owner since 2018, though the park itself has been established for nearly thirty years. The business offers long-term stays and typically hosts visitors who are in the area for work purposes, which makes up the majority of demographics for the property. Rigs that expand up to 52 feet in length can be accommodated in the RV spaces, and cemented driveways are provided throughout the grounds, allowing visitors to park multiple vehicles near their site or studio apartment. Some amenities included with guests' stay are free trash pick-up, coin-operated laundry machines, and free Wi-Fi, which is available throughout the property.


Bay City Holiday RV Park is situated on the expanse of three acres in southeastern Texas. A total of 40 RV spaces are available for rent, in addition to three apartments, two of which are studio apartments. Some sites provide 30 amp service, though the majority of sites are full hookup, providing 30 and 50 amp service. The studio apartments feature a full kitchen, with the inclusion of a variety of standard amenities such as a fridge, microwave, and countertop. Additionally, a bedroom, which contains a queen-sized bed, bath, smart TV, and air conditioning, can be found in the apartments as well. Windows are also arranged in the rentals, offering an outside view of the property. Likewise, a patio with steps leading to the front door is provided at some of the apartments. 

Cemented paths and roads extend throughout the grounds for visitors to drive or park their RVs on. Fencing lines three sides of the acreage and grassy areas dot the property between many of the RV spaces, as well as some trees that can offer shade. Some of the facilities that can be found on the premises include restrooms and a shower area. Laundry machines are available inside the studio apartments as well. The showers and laundry machines are coin-operated, though the owner mentions that an app is also used to operate the laundry machines. 

One attraction that can draw in a fair amount of visitors to Bay City is fishing. The owner of the RV park mentions that there is a pond in Bay City that can provide fishermen with fishing opportunities. Regarding nearby restaurants, a variety of Mexican restaurants are in close proximity to Bay City Holiday RV Park. One particular place that visitors can eat at is a nearby taco truck. The RV park is additionally located behind a convenience store and a gas station where visitors can go to purchase groceries and food items.


Bay City Holiday RV Park is open year-round, with the busiest season typically occurring during spring and early fall. According to the owner, the general demographic for the RV park consists of mainly workers and visitors who are staying at the park for business purposes. Though there may not be any age restrictions for anyone staying at the property, the majority of individuals at the RV park are typically between the ages of thirty and fifty years old. The owner also mentions that long-term stays are relatively common at the park as visitors tend to stay for two to three months at a time.

Many previous visitors of the RV park have commented on the park owner's service to them, as well as some of the provided amenities that contributed to their stay. One particular guest said, "The on-site laundry is great and very convenient. The park manager is a very helpful and kind person. We had an issue with our breaker and he fixed it in less than 15 minutes of us notifying him."

The property implements policies that patrons are required to act in accordance with during their stay. One such policy are the quiet hours which last from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM. Smoking is allowed on the property, excluding inside of the restroom and shower facilities. Furthermore, pets are welcome to stay on the premises, provided that they are leashed at all times, and picked up after. 


Bay City Holiday RV Park was established about thirty years ago. The property had formerly been a mobile home park but the current owner of the business altered it to be an RV park. Since 2018, the current owner has owned and operated the park, making a few renovations to the property, which generally consisted of landscaping. The majority of facilities and other provided amenities have been on the premises since it was originally built and established. One of the current owners' main goals for the property is to keep improving the RV park in any way that he is able to.

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1803 Horn Rd
Bay City, Texas 77414
United States



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