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Bay Breeze RV on the Bay

Bay Breeze RV on the Bay

Bay Breeze RV on the Bay is in the southeastern region of Bon Secour Bay in Gulf Shores, Alabama. A total of 25 RV sites and three houses are available for guests to rent. The establishment is mainly family-oriented, according to Jessica Lazarino, one of the property owners, and the RV park has many trees that can provide shade to those staying on the premises while being outdoors. Bay Breeze RV on the Bay is located on the bay's edge, meaning visitors have direct access to the water. Patrons can also visit a public beach, which is about two miles down the road from the RV park. The property is additionally close to several area attractions such as a children's arcade, a minigolf course, a water park, an amusement park, and several restaurants and diners.


Bay Breeze RV on the Bay is along the bottom peninsula to the southeast of Bon Secour Bay, directly below Mobile Bay. The surrounding area consists primarily of tree coverage and similar properties designed to accommodate tourists. Public beach access is two miles west down the road to Mobile Street Beach, located amid the Bon Secour Wildlife National Refuge. Jessica, one of the RV park owners, describes the general location as a "vacation spot before you get into Florida" as it is out of the "hustle and bustle." She also says it is a "quiet, nature-friendly type vibe" because of the tree coverage and the nature preserve.

A total of 25 RV units can be rented by those staying at Bay Breeze RV on the Bay. All RV sites are equipped with full hookups for sewage, water, and 30, 50, or 30/50 amps. Each site has a picnic table and a concrete slab for guests to park the RV. Furthermore, guests of the property can rent three additional units. These are a cottage, a cabin, and the Crow's Nest. The cottage comes with a fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom, a pull-out queen couch, and a king-size bed. Linens are provided, but visitors are asked to bring food, soap, and towels as these are not already in the cottage. The cabin features a fully equipped kitchen, dishwasher, and microwave. It has two bedrooms, one of which has a king-size bed and adjacent bathroom, while the other comes with a queen-size bed. Between the bedrooms is a day room, also referred to as a den, that includes a day bed with a trundle. A dining area and a living room with additional seating are other parts of the cabin, and they have several windows that offer views of the bay. Finally, the Crow's Nest is a 1,600-square-foot hardwood house with a teal exterior. It has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a dining room, a fully equipped kitchen, a living room, a TV, and a covered front porch. Bay Breeze RV on the Bay provides additional out-of-unit amenities for its guests. They may use a 24/7-access bathhouse with showers and an ice machine at the main office. Visitors may also utilize a laundry facility that has coin-operated machines. 

Because the RV park is on the water's edge, patrons have open bay access to swim and fish. The property has a dock from which guests can fish, set crab traps, or where they can sit and see the bay. Several additional attractions outside the borders of the property are within driving distance of Bay Breeze RV on the Bay. The previously mentioned Mobile Street Beach and Bon Secour Wildlife National Refuge are two miles from the RV campsite. Guests can also visit a few nearby amusement parks, arcades, a mini golf course, a water park, and other nearby beaches. In addition to these activities are the many restaurants near Bay Breeze RV on the Bay. Jessica recommends her visitors try De Soto's Seafood Kitchen, which has a lunch and dinner menu and is known for its fried seafood. She also recommends Sunset Cork Room, which she says is a "more dressy" restaurant. Lastly, Jessica suggests GTs on the Bay, a restaurant that offers a wide array of seafood, salads, pizzas, sandwiches, and burgers. GTs on the Bay is located near the edge of Wolf Bay, east of Bay Breeze RV on the Bay.


Per her mention of Bay Breeze RV on the Bay as a "quiet, nature-friendly type vibe," Jessica, one of the campsite owners, wants her guests to feel comfortable and enjoy "a quiet stay." She specifies that the RV park is not intended for night owls or "partiers;" instead, it is a place for quiet people and families who want to be in nature and "be chill and have fun, but not get crazy." Jessica explains how she tries to maintain minimal guest interaction so as not to interrupt them or make them feel like they are being intruded on during their vacation, something Jessica recalls made her own vacations less enjoyable. Still, she says she enjoys chatting with any visitors willing to socialize. She and her husband Jonathan live on-site and strive to make themselves available at all times to answer questions via phone, text, or in person.

According to Jessica, guest reviews tend to comment on their appreciation for the new ownership. She also says they like the "quiet, serene" feeling when staying at Bay Breeze RV on the Bay. One such review said, "Love these awesome folks. Very nice and helpful. Even helped us by guiding us while we parked. Incredible access to the Bay, right there by the park." Another visitor commented, "What a wonderful place. Everyone was super nice. It has all the amenities that you need at the beach. While it is small, it is mighty."

Visitors are asked to abide by the rules at Bay Breeze RV on the Bay. One of the most important guidelines regards pets; dogs must be kept on a leash and cleaned up after. They are not allowed inside the RV rentals or the homes. Open flames are not permitted on the premises of the RV park, although Jessica says guests may bring devices to conceal the fires if they have any. Quiet time is from 9:30 PM to 8:00 AM, and those who use the bathhouse are asked to clean up after themselves and shower for no longer than ten minutes. Additionally, visitors are asked to dispose of their garbage at the on-site dumpster.

Bay Breeze RV on the Bay is open year-round. The peak season is usually from April to May, when families and retirees frequent the most at the park. January to the middle of March is only for adults. However, Jessica explains that families make up the majority of the clientele, so the summer is the busiest season. Many repeating guests visit the property, and Jessica believes most of them find Bay Breeze RV on the Bay through Google.


Bay Breeze RV on the Bay has been open for over 30 years. The previous owners operated the business for 13 years prior to when Jonathan and Jessica Lazarino, the current owners, acquired the RV park. Jessica says they had bought a house on the property and were made an offer since theirs was the only house nearby that the previous couple did not already own. She continues explaining how it was what they had hoped for since Jonathan worked as a real estate agent for several years and specialized in short-term rentals. They were actively looking for an establishment to own and were excited to enter the lodging industry when offered Bay Breeze RV on the Bay.

In the future, Jonathan and Jessica would like to install 30/50 amp pedestals in all of the RV sites. They are currently working on installing fiber cables for better Wi-Fi and extending the dock to install more space, and a few boat slips, making for a "more comfortable sitting area," as stated by Jessica. Kayak, pontoon boat, and beach cart rentals are other projects on the horizon. Furthermore, Jessica says she would like to include game nights or cookout nights at Bay Breeze RV on the Bay, particularly during the less busy snowbird season.

Jessica's favorite part of owning an RV park is meeting new people and getting to know them. She recounts how she has been in customer service for the majority of her life, and she has enjoyed the experience of seeing people "coming in happy and leaving happier." Jessica compares this to her previous restaurant experience, where she sometimes felt it was very hard to please people. She is happy with her ownership of Bay Breeze RV on the Bay thus far, as she says, "it's a good business to be in."

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Gulf Shores, Alabama 36542
United States




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