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Baby Nugget RV Park

The Baby Nugget RV Park is located in the Yukon territory of Canada. The property sits on a section of the remains of the original Alaska Highway and has hiking trails that lead to nearby Butterfly Lake. The park has 85 RV sites with water and electricity hookups, and some of the sites also have satellite and cable connections available as well. There are also 13 cabins on a neighboring property that guests can rent. In September, those who visit the area may see migratory groups of caribou, and during various times of the year, patrons can possibly see the Northern Lights as well. Located across the property are various hiking and biking trails that those who visit the property may explore. The area is also known to be a bird-watching hub, and many forms of wildlife can be seen from the RV sites and cabins. 


The Baby Nugget RV Park is located in the Yukon territory of Canada. The RV park is part of "Nugget City," which is all owned by Linda and Scott Goodwin. The couple owns and operates the RV park, as well as a restaurant, gift shop, and 24-hour gas station. The properties all sit next to each other, and together make up what locals refer to as "Nugget City." The RV park has 85 sites, and there are 13 cabins on the opposite side of the property that guests can rent as well. Out of the 85 sites, 80 of them are pull-through spots and 5 are back-in spots for RVs. All 85 sites have water and electricity hookups for patrons, and most of the sites have cable and satellite capabilities as well. The 13 cabins are all private, free-standing, and separate from each other. They each have a 55-inch television, walk-in showers, and Wi-Fi for visitor use. Some of the cabins also have private jacuzzies. 

At the Baby Nugget RV Park, there are facilities that occupants can use during their stay. There is a coin-operated laundromat that has twelve machines. There are also showers and toilets available for patron usage. The park is a certified big rig park, meaning that the park has been certified as an establishment where RV's nicknamed "Big Rigs" have enough space to park without needing to worry about space. At the Baby Nugget, there are walking trails across the property that lead to Butterfly Lake nearby the park. Bird watching is available from the trails if guests choose. The owners say that one of the trails called the "Old Mining Trail" leads to an area of Butterfly Lake with good fishing. 

At Baby Nugget as well as across Nugget City, there are no open fires allowed. The Yukon is an area known to be dry for the majority of the year, and the owners try to preserve the natural settings of the park as well as keep visitors safe, so they ask that those who stay on the property do not light fires at all. Pets are allowed at the RV park, but they must remain on a leash during their stay. Another important policy is that those who stay at the RV park do not use generators but instead use the hookups provided at each individual site. After 10 PM, the owners ask that guests are quieter to try to keep a peaceful and serene environment for all the patrons of the establishment. 

There is a supply store on the grounds of the RV park for those who are staying at the property to be able to purchase smaller items they may have forgotten. The store is less like a grocery store and more of a souvenir shop that has smaller items such as plugs, tee shirts, gifts, and other memorabilia. 


On the grounds of the Baby Nugget RV Park, There are hiking and biking trails available for guests to explore with their families. The RV park strives to help those who stay at the property feel at home, as well as help them experience nature and the sights along the Alaska Highway. The property is on the Alaska Highway and is in close proximity to the old historical Alaska Highway. The road known as the Alaska Highway is the only land route from Washington directly to the state of Alaska. According to the owner, many who stay at Baby Nugget are patrons of the highway, traveling the route for their "once in a lifetime trip." 

Those who stay at the park often comment on the quiet atmosphere of the surrounding. They also mention the large size of the RV sites as well as the nature and wildlife that they can see across the property. One previous visitor said "We enjoyed our stay at Nugget City. The cabins are small but comfortable. The unique decorations made us feel we were getting the true Yukon experience." The owners recognize that many of their visitors are staying with them during trips they have been planning and preparing for a long time to go on, and they strive to help guests have the best experience possible. 

During the times when the Northern Lights can be seen from the park, the owners will wake up any customers who have expressed interest in seeing the lights. Due to the location of the property on the path between Canada and Alaska, in the month of September, those who stay at the Baby Nugget RV Park can sometimes see the largest migration of caribou in the world. The caribou migrate from Alaska south through Canada and those who are staying at the property can generally see them during the month of September. 

The property is located nearby to two lakes in the area, Butterfly Lake and Rantin Lake, both of which are a short distance from the RV park itself. The owners try to encourage guests as much as possible to get out into the Canadian nature in the area by drawing maps for patrons looking to get out hiking or biking, as well as helping them know about the nearby destinations of both the lakes. The owners enjoy getting to know those who stay at the park, and they hope to get to know customers well enough to recommend nature activities in the area for them to enjoy. 

The Baby Nugget RV Park is open from May 15 to late fall, depending on the weather conditions in the area. Due to weather concerns, the park closes for the winter season. The peak season of operation for the property is from the middle of June until around September 1. 


The Baby Nugget RV Park has been in business for the past 26 years. The establishment opened in 1996 and has been accommodating guests to the area ever since. The Baby Nugget, as well as the rest of Nugget City, is family-owned and operated, with owners Scott and Linda as well as their parents opening the RV Park which later became part of the rest of Nugget City. Scott and Linda's father cleared and prepared the RV park together to add on to Nugget City and expand the operation. When they began clearing the land to add the sites, Linda's father was in his mid-70s, and the two of them worked on renovations and rebuilding until her father was 93. Linda mentions that he left a legacy on the property of hard work and family that she and Scott hope to carry on.

The Alaska Highway can be found on the property of the Baby Nugget RV Park. The highway is the only land route from Washington to Alaska and is the only land path into the state of Alaska. Built originally in 1942, construction began 90 days after the bombing of Pearl Harbor and was built to support the military outposts in Alaska during the Second World War. Later, portions of the highway were rerouted, and remains of the original highway can be found on the property of the RV park. 

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Mile 627 Alaska Highway
Watson Lake, Yukon Y0A 1C0




Linda and Scott Goodwin

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