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Azalea Acres RV Park

Azalea Acres RV Park

Azalea Acres RV Park is located on the outskirts of Robertsdale, Alabama, which is a city that is on the southern side of the state, close to the Gulf of Mexico. There are 70 pull-through RV spaces that visitors can choose from when making reservations. People can reserve a stay for a daily, weekly, or monthly price, depending on how long they would like to be there. The property can make accommodations for many types of RVs, though if a visitor owns one older than six years, a picture of the RV is required to be approved before patrons can make their reservation. Azalea Acres RV Park is typically catered to those who are over the age of fifty-five but is able to accommodate young adults and families as well. The community room is known for having a variety of different activities throughout the year for those that would like to participate.


Azalea Acres RV Park is built on a total of 26 acres, with about 14 of them being places for RVs to park, while the other acreage is untouched and offers walking trails. There are no places for people to pitch a tent, as it is strictly a park for RVs, motorhomes, and the like. A picnic table can be found at each RV site, and hookups with water and electricity equating to both 30 and 50 AMPs. Some of the 70 total RV slots have grassy lots, and others have a concrete pad. A reservation for the concrete pads costs a little extra compared to the spaces that only have grass. Visitors can reserve for a short or long period of time, as the RV park offers daily, weekly, and monthly stay prices.

Aside from the arrangements for RVs, there are also bathrooms, showers, a laundry room, and a pavilion. There is a main office where guests can go to get information and check in or out, and a community room where activities are often hosted for groups of people. The machines found inside the laundry room are coin-operated, allowing guests to do their laundry without having to leave the grounds. The property's current owner explains that "about 30% of the land has trees. The rest of it is open and grassy."

Outside of Azalea Acres RV Park, the Styx River runs just south of the main buildings. The rest of the property is more rural, so outdoor activities such as walking along the trails tend to be more accessible. There are a number of cities that can be found in the vicinity that offer restaurants and activities. According to the owner, the property is about 30 minutes away from Gulf Shores, which is a city that is found on the edge of the Gulf of Mexico. Pensacola and Mobile are two other cities recommended to guests as places to visit while staying at the RV park. People can find a casino about 45 minutes from the property as well. The owner also recommends several of the restaurants in the area, including places such as Cozumel Mexican Grill and Original Oyster House Boardwalk.


The current owner of Azalea Acres RV Park would like her guests to feel safe and comfortable while they are staying at the establishment. Cleanliness is one aspect of the property that she and her employees try to put their focus on maintaining. Each morning, guests can leave their garbage bags outside, allowing the employees to take their trash out for them. "We try to be service-oriented," The owner explains that she interacts with her guests as often as they would like. 

A few aspects of the business that patrons mention in reviews posted online include things like the cleanliness of the property, amenities that are available, and the quality of care that the staff put into their work. One person who recently stayed at Azalea Acres RV Park writes, "The sites are spacious pull-throughs and plenty of distance between sites, and the restrooms are clean. All of the camp hosts we came in contact with, in person and on the phone, were pleasant and customer service-oriented. There is a lot to do in the area."

The RV park typically caters to visitors that are ages 55 and older; however, they do not turn away younger people and families that want to make reservations. The owner explains that a variety of people come to the property for different reasons. One of the more unique aspects of the property is that the sites have more space between each other. "There is more space between people. That way, [visitors] don't have to open their doors and be squeezing past their neighbor to get in or out of their RVs," the owner remarks. The RV park staff do not have any "special" policies that they ask guests to abide by, only the "standard" ones. The business is pet-friendly and only asks that patrons keep their animals on a leash and clean up after them. Quiet time is enforced to help people have a more peaceful time later in the evening.  

The property does not host events like weddings, but they usually have some smaller events going on in the community room throughout the year. According to the owner, more events take place during the winter than the summer, primarily due to the increase in business and holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. In the past, there have been activities such as dances, potluck dinners, bingo, card games, corn hole, and more. "I try to do something new every so often to keep things interesting," says the owner.

The busiest season of operation tends to be in the winter, during the months of November through March. Many people that come to the property during that timeframe are typically snowbirds looking to avoid colder temperatures. A large portion of people that stay at the RV park are returning customers.


Azalea Acres RV Park has been in business since 2007, but the current owner purchased the company in 2019. The owner explains that the land has, for the most part, always been used as a place for people to park their RVs and spend time outdoors. Several changes have been made since the owner purchased the RV park in 2019. Under her jurisdiction, concrete pads were added to the sites. She mentions that there have been a variety of other updates and renovations that have been made to make the buildings and grounds sufficient to her standards. In the future, she would like to expand and create more places for RVs but is unsure of how soon something like that can occur.

The current owner of Azalea Acres RV Park explains that she was led into the industry because she saw the park's potential. She enjoys many of the aspects that come with owning the business. She mentions that she enjoys the challenge of running the property, loves working with people, and finds satisfaction in helping visitors have an enjoyable time while staying at the RV park.

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