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Axton's Bass City

Axton's Bass City, located in Emory, Texas, has motel rooms available, as well as 50 RV sites. The property is on the expanse of 7 acres of land. Also located on the grounds are a convenience store, a gas station, and a shower house. Each RV spot has hookups of electricity, sewage, and water. Due to the landscape of the park, there are multiple types of sites that guests can stay at. The property is located on Lake Fork, which, according to the owners, is the biggest bass fishing lake in the west. A fair amount of visitors to the park are there for the lake, as fishing and boating are popular in the area. The park has been open since the late 1980s, and recently, the motel rooms have been renovated, as well as the convenience store and the RV sites.


Axton's Bass City is located in the town of Emory, Texas. The establishment has multiple accommodations that guests can use. There are 50 RV sites, as well as a building with motel rooms, a gas station, and a convenience store. Each RV site has hookups for electricity, sewage, and water, as well as access to a shower house. Across the property are multiple trees and greenery that can provide shade to various sites on the grounds. Some of the RV sites sit near the lake that can be accessed from the park, Lake Fork. Allen, one of the owners, reports that many of the guests at the establishment stay at the park due to the lake access available. There is a boat launch from the property that provides patrons access to the entirety of the lake. 

On the grounds, there are multiple amenities offered to guests. The convenience store sells a variety of items such as live bait for fishing, fruit, ice cream, frozen foods, and auto parts for cars and RVs. The owner hopes that the convenience store can allow those staying at the establishment to purchase what they need without needing to go into town, which is approximately 10-12 minutes away from the park by car. There is also a gas station so patrons can fill up their cars before heading off to their destinations. The showers are available to all those who stay in the RV park as well. 

While staying at the property, the owner has policies in place that he expects his patrons to abide by. Most importantly, the owner asks that the RVs that come to the park be ten years old or newer or that they are very well maintained and taken care of. Any questions about the state of a potential guest's RV can be taken to the staff at the business. Another important policy to note is that while pets are allowed on the property and can stay with their owners, they must be kept on a leash or controlled by their owners. If patrons want to stay long-term at the park as their official residence, there are additional fees pertaining to sewage hookups that can be discussed with the owner. There is also a quiet time of 10 PM on the grounds, and the owner asks that all loud music be turned off by that time.


Throughout the year, there are multiple events that guests can take part in both on and around Axton's Bass City. The establishment hosts different fishing tournaments on Lake Fork for both adults and children. Occasionally, there may be live bands that play music on the water as well. For the fourth of July, Allen, one of the owners, reports that the property puts on a "big blowout" and has a party. The establishment is open year-round, and the busiest times of the year generally to stay at the RV park or motel are spring and fall. Allen believes that these are peak times for the business due to the weather because it is not too hot during those seasons.

The owners of Axton's Bass City have goals moving forward to continue to better their park. In the future, they hope to add asphalt roads and concrete slabs at each of the RV sites to help RVs better navigate the park. "We want to bring it to another level," Allen says. They also hope to do more landscaping and incorporate more flowers and colors to the grounds. Additionally, they strive to update the inventory of the convenience store often. When patrons of the establishment recommend new items that could be sold at the store, the owners try to get that item stocked so that future guests can purchase what they need. 

While visitors are staying at the property, the staff of Axton's Bass City hope that they can feel comfortable and relaxed. They strive to create an environment that helps patrons leave relaxed and peaceful. To strive to keep a calm and relaxing atmosphere, Allen and the staff of the establishment attempt to keep everything in working order. This includes striving to keep the grounds of the park and motel cleaned up, mowed, and regularly trimming the trees. With the motel rooms specifically, they have protocols in place to try and keep the rooms clean and inviting for guests. 

Guests who stay at the property often comment on the hospitality of the staff on the grounds. One said, "All around great customer service from everyone we interacted with. Our room was nicely updated & we slept great. The lake, walks, fishing, skipping rocks, and seeing turtles, were very nice experiences." Allen describes the business as a "getaway for the weekend" and that many who stay at the premises are over 35 and come to the park to get into nature for the weekend. Repeat guests make up approximately 50% of the business at the establishment, and many who come to the property come for the bass fishing that can be done on the grounds.

While Lake Fork is one main attraction of the surrounding area, Allen says that some visitors will also visit the surrounding cities of Winnsboro and Sulphur Springs. The cities have multiple shopping destinations and eateries for visitors. A couple of places to eat that the owner recommends include Verona Italian CafĂ©, which serves traditional Italian cuisine, and Sidekicks, which is a family dining restaurant. 


Axton's Bass City has been operational as an RV park since the late 1980s. The current owners, Allen and Sarah Sheehan, purchased the property in 2019. Allen started in the hospitality industry working with apartments and decided that it would be a similar industry but a different experience working with RVs, so he decided to purchase the business from the previous owners, Joe and Suzie Axton. The establishment has been an RV park since the beginning of the park. However, there have been updates over time. Recently, the motel rooms on the premises have been remodeled. Additionally, the convenience store frequently gets updates to its inventory, typically based on comments and suggestions by visitors. The RV sites have also been renovated in the past few years. In the future, the owners hope to put in asphalt roads across the property with the hopes of providing more ease with navigation patron's RVs. They also hope to put concrete slabs in at each RV site.

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2959 Farm to Market Road 2946
Emory, Texas 75440
United States




Allen and Sarah Sheehan

Owned Since
Previous Owners

Joe and Suzie Axton

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