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Alpine Lodge

The Alpine Lodge is located in Red River, New Mexico, on about 4 acres of land. The property offers 46 different rooms for guests to choose from during their stay. The rooms are mainly either hotel-style rooms or condo-style rooms, but there is also a stand-alone cabin that can be rented out. The area that Alpine Lodge is on consists of many trees and large amounts of grass. There is a river on the property that visitors to the property are free to sit by and/or fish in if they have their fishing license with them. The owners of the property strive to talk to their guests as often as they can and hope that they will be able to enjoy their time there.


Alpine Lodge sits on about 4 acres of land in the city of Red River, New Mexico. The property offers a total of 46 different rooms that visitors to the property can choose from for their stays. All of the rooms are split between a total of four different buildings that are located throughout the property. There are 15 condo-style units, 30 hotel-style rooms, and a stand-alone cabin. Several of the rooms have semi-private balconies that are only accessible through their rooms. The king ski view room, the two queen ski view rooms, and a couple of condos have private balconies. The rest of the rooms that have balconies are all shared.

Besides the hotel rooms, all rooms have kitchens. All but the queen rooms have mini-fridges, and there are no microwaves in any of the rooms at this time. All of the rooms are provided with linens, towels, and TVs. Board games and yard games (corn hole, grade ladder Toss, etc.) are handed out upon request for those looking for some extra activities to participate in during their free time. There are 4 gas grills and 3 charcoal grills available for all guests to use if they are looking to have a barbeque with their friends or family members. One of these grills is located inside of a garden gazebo that has open access for all guests. There is a hot tub on the outside of the property that is open from 9 AM - 9 PM. Inside, there are two other hot tubs. There is a lobby with a fireplace for those looking for some extra warmth, a microwave, and a variety of tourist information. For those who need their clothes washed, there is a laundry room provided. Other amenities include daily housekeeping service, a safe at the front desk for those wanting to keep their valuables protected, and an abundance of on-site parking.

Covered pavilions are also provided throughout the property for those who are looking for a place to find some shade. There is one large main pavilion in the middle of the park and a communal fire pit. There are also some benches and sitting areas mainly near the river that people can use for relaxation purposes or to spend some time in the wooded areas. Those staying at the property are free to fish in the river as long as they have their fishing license. There are about 1000 feet of river access available on the property that people may not be able to find elsewhere.

In the area of Red River, New Mexico, there are plenty of places that visitors can go to for some exploring, eating, and/or entertainment. Some of the places that are near the Alpine Lodge include the summer chair lift at the nearby ski resort, fishing in the river, an abundance of hiking trails, and a variety of off-roading opportunities. As for dining, the owners of the property recommend that guests visit Sundance and Texas Reds. Both of these specialize in steaks, though Sundance also has a variety of Mexican foods.


The owners of the Alpine Lodge enjoy interacting with their various guests. They make an effort to talk to them frequently, often making friends with those who stay with them. They hope to make their property a place where people are able to enjoy talking to the office staff. Visitors in the past have mentioned that they have enjoyed the various staff members and the location of the property. One guest wrote that the property is "very clean and quiet. The staff is always professional and helpful. The motel is older but well-kept with modern amenities. We have stayed there many times and have never been disappointed." Another guest left a review about the property, saying, "I always stay here when I visit Red River. The location next to the river and ski resort is amazing. Staff is always friendly and helpful."

The owners and staff want their guests to feel cozy in a quiet and peaceful place. They make a point to let people know that they are not a "party lodge." There are various policies that have been put into place to help their guests feel the way that the staff is hoping for. Some of these policies include rules about pets, smoking, and quiet hours. Pets aren't allowed on the property, whether inside or outside, to help those with allergies stay safe and healthy. All of the rooms at Alpine Lodge are non-smoking rooms. A quiet time is enforced in hopes that those who are looking for some relaxation and rest will be able to find it.

The owners have had a lot of opportunities to hold corporate retreats at their location. About 125 people at a time are able to be at their location for an event if they need it. The property also hosts weddings and receptions. One of the property's unique features is that there is a wedding planner on sight that strives to help those involved have what they are looking for. They have an area for these events on the property, that being the main pavilion. Because parking can get sparse once past 125, the owners ask that the number of visitors to such events be held to around that amount.

The Alpine Lodge is open all year round except for a couple of week-long interruptions to keep things up to date and ready for visitors. July through August and December through mid-January are both very busy times of the year for the business. Guests have enjoyed coming at these times to spend time on the mountains hiking, taking pictures, skiing, fishing, and more. All sorts of people come to stay at the property, though a large amount of them are from Texas. Many of the guests are repeat guests, becoming close friends with the owners and staff members. About 15 people run the entire property, keeping the number of staff that visitors meet to a relatively low number.


The original owners of the property were Stokes Bolton and his wife. They purchased the land that Alpine Lodge rests on in the year 1953. They built the very first building on the property, using it for the same reasons that it is used today; to house guests and provide wanted shelter. Today that building is the center building that faces the river on the property. Nine out of the ten original rooms in that building still exist today, those being rooms ten through eighteen. Other changes have been made to that building, including the addition of an office and some necessary renovations. The second pair of owners of the property changed the name to what it is today, Alpine Lodge.

The building on the property went through many phases, including flooding, burning, and renovating. The property was then sold in 1991 to the Henson family. They owned the property for a short period of time before selling it to the Walker family. They also ran the property as part of the lodging industry, keeping the business going for several years. The next people that they sold it to were Richard and Vicki Swigart. They and their children, Rachel and Ryan, have owned the property since the year 2017. The parents owned and operated vacation rentals for nearly ten years before buying the Alpine Lodge. They had originally planned on retiring around the time they bought the land, but they decided instead to continue doing what they loved.

The hope of the owners and staff is to bring some of the history of the lodge back to the forefront. They are putting a few old-timey photos into an area in the office in order to help promote the extensive history of the property. They enjoy talking to their guests about their history and have even thought about restoring the restaurant and bar that was there previously. Future plans might also include updating the current rooms that they have and adding microwaves to each of the rooms. For those rooms that don't have them already, they also plan to add refrigerators to them.

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