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Akers RV Park

Akers RV Park is located in Clovis, New Mexico on the eastern edge of the state, next to the border of New Mexico and Texas. The business offers a total of 37 RV sites, all of which come with full hookups, such as electricity, sewage, and water. Guests can reserve spaces at the RV park year-round and can choose to stay on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The owner, Scott, comments that he would like patrons to feel "comfortable" during their stay. He also mentions that the establishment allows people to smoke on the grounds, and pets can be accommodated, though there is a fee for those staying on a monthly basis. Akers RV Park is a family-owned company that has been in Scott's family for about 70 years.


Akers RV Park offers 37 RV spaces to the public, which can be reserved daily, weekly, or monthly. The owner, Scott, reports that all of the RV sites come with full hookups, including water, sewage, and electricity. Most of the units have electricity of up to 50 amps, while others have 30 amps of power. Each space has a grassy area, but some have fences around the plot. The grounds are landscaped and have several trees that can be used for shade during the day. Scott mentions that the trailer sites are leveled and that he has "a lot of drainage in the sense that we don't get puddles or mud." There is a large, grassy area that everyone has access to, which is located next to the trailer park. People can check in at the office when they arrive for their stay.

The RV park is situated in a more residential area, though Scott explains that there are several commercial businesses nearby as well. He remarks that Akers RV Park is close to Hillcrest Park, which he describes as "one of the largest parks in the city, as it contains a zoo, walking path, dog parks, and a swimming pool." Hillcrest Park is located about three blocks from the RV park and is within walking or biking distance. One draw to the area is the Norman & Vi Petty Rock 'N' Roll Museum, a historically significant recording studio that was turned into a museum. The museum showcases memorabilia and objects from the 50s and 60s, which is when it was an operation studio that allowed musicians, such as Buddy Holly, to record their music. Additionally located within the general area are various restaurants that Scott often recommends to his guests. A few that he likes to mention by name are The Rails, Leal's Mexican Food Restaurant, and Bandolero Brewery.


Scott, the owner of Akers RV Park, has the goal of creating a place where his guests can feel "comfortable and like they're at home." As an attempt to produce this environment, he tries to put extra effort into the landscaping and creating "little private areas" where patrons can have more privacy while staying at the RV park. Scott also mentions that he tries to organize his park "to have a neighborhood feel." Interaction between the park hosts and the occupants occurs as frequently as the visitors would like, according to Scott, and the owners try to avoid bothering people but they intend to be available if a person needs something or has questions. The business does not hold events and typically asks guests to keep the noise to a minimum.

Scott explains that they have several policies, but the most significant one at Akers RV Park is for occupants to be respectful of their neighbors. Another guideline is that quiet time begins at 9:00 p.m. However, the owners note that they do not mind if people are outside or still participating in activities as long as they are not bothering anyone else at the RV park. Pets are allowed to stay at the property free of charge for patrons who visit daily or weekly, but for those who reserve a space for monthly payments, there is a fee. Smoking is permitted on the grounds.

Akers RV Park has had many visitors in the past, and some of them have left reviews of their experience at the business. One person wrote, "It's a great place, family-owned and well taken care of. I have enjoyed my stay here, close to Hillcrest Park. I love the fenced lot for my dog." Another person who recently stayed commented, "Nice mature shade trees and reasonable rates. The owner is on-site and very helpful." The company is open year-round, and the busiest season, according to Scott, is most commonly spring through fall, as there are often many travelers around that time. The typical demographic of patrons tends to be broad among the daily and weekly visitors, but people that are staying for an extended period of time are generally workers in their 20s to 40s with jobs in the vicinity.


According to Scott, the current owner of Akers RV Park, the plot of land that makes up the business has been owned by his family for over 100 years. When the land was initially purchased, it was located on the outskirts of the town. He mentions that it is one of the oldest RV parks in town and is named after his family's last name, Akers. Scott explains, "My grandmother started adding trailer home spaces about 70 years ago." The company no longer has mobile home spaces and switched to RV spaces in the 90s.

Scott explains that he has experience in customer service and sales from his previous career, so transitioning to being a business owner was much more manageable. One aspect of running Akers RV Park that he enjoys is "meeting the people who come to stay." Since he became an owner, Scott has made a few changes to the park. He remarks, "I took over online marketing, we built a website, and I set up the Wi-Fi network." One aspect that was focused on was the landscaping. He and his family reworked much of the watering systems, reseeded the grass, planted and pruned the trees, and did other general maintenance on the grounds.

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United States




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