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377 RV Park

377 RV Park

377 RV Park is located in Granbury, Texas. The RV park has sixty-three sites with more in development. There are three different sizes for the sites, with each of them featuring similar amenities. Guests can travel to the inner city of Granbury to enjoy the different activities that are available. The manager and staff of the RV park seek to provide guests with an enjoyable experience and hope to create an atmosphere in which guests can interact with and get to know one another. 377 RV Park hosts gatherings once a month, with the activity of the gathering varying. The RV park is open year-round, with each of the sites being available to either rent or reserve.


377 RV Park is located in Granbury, Texas. The RV park has sixty-three sites available that guests can either rent or reserve. The sites vary in size, with the smallest site being located in the inner area of the park, able to accommodate trailers up to a maximum of thirty-six feet; the other two sizes are able to accommodate a larger size. The different sites are labeled as regular, large, and premium. The premium and large sizes are located near or at the outside edge of the RV park.

At each of the sites, guests are provided their own concrete pad and the ability to hook up to water, sewer, and electricity. Trash pick-up is an additional amenity provided. For guests who desire access to the internet, free wifi is provided throughout the park. Electrical hookups for the campers come in different powered connections. Within the park, guests are offered the ability to use a community fire pit. The manager and staff of 377 RV Park work on-site out of the main building. The main building provides visitors with additional bathrooms and, If guests need to do laundry, five stackable washers and dryers.

The manager of the park describes the scenery of 377 RV Park as a “country-type setting.” The RV park currently sits on more than fifty acres of land, with sod being laid around each site. According to the manager of the park, the majority of the property is paved. A natural feature of the park is a creek that runs through it, and in addition to the creek, the property has trees spread throughout it.

377 RV Park offers guests use of their horseshoe pit and corn-hole. Additionally, the RV park has a dog park. Once a month, the park hosts a group gathering, and they invite each of their visitors to participate. The activities of the gatherings are usually potlucks, but other activities can be done.

In the city of Granbury, patrons have a variety of activities that they can participate in. Granbury has an opera house, a movie theatre, and a rodeo house. In the square of Granbury, restaurants and live music are also available. At different parts of the year in Granbury, a variety of festivals and wine tours are held.

If guests are looking for a place to eat during their stay, different restaurants are located in Granbury. Some of those restaurants include Ketler’s Schnitzel Haus And Biergarten, Pastafina Italian Pizza Rest, Mesquite pit Steaks and Bar B Q, Eighteen Ninety Grille and Lounge, and Miyako Restaraunt. Silver Saddle Saloon is located in Granbury for guests that enjoy ice cream.


Kodi Gelker is the current on-site manager of 377 RV park. She and the staff strive to create a community in which guests have the ability to get to know one another. As a part of the guest’s experience, Kodi and her staff will introduce new visitors to others that are situated around them. Previous individuals who have stayed at the park have said that 377 RV Park was a “great location and quiet.”

377 RV Park has different policies which they ask the current and future guests to follow. While staying at the park, guests are asked to clean up the trash that they may have. The park puts a special emphasis on following the speed limit of the road that runs through it. They ask that guests keep their site “clean and orderly.” Additionally, pets are allowed in the park, but they must be well-behaved. There are quiet hours from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM on weekdays. On the weekends, the quiet time is from 12:00 AM to 8:00 AM. The park seeks to be considerate of all of its guests and asks that “guests be considerate, courteous, and kind to all of the other guests.”

The RV park is open year-round, with many guests choosing to stay throughout the year. It has been noted that many guests choose to stay during the summer months and the beginning of fall. Additionally, holidays are noted to be another time in which many guests reserve or rent. 377 RV Park does not restrict current and future guests on how many days they must reserve.


The park was owned and operated previously as an RV park. When the current ownership took over, many renovations were made in hopes of improving the overall image of 377 RV Park. After the transition of ownership, additional improvements were made to 377 RV Park. Some of those improvements included new concrete pads and patios and the addition of sod surrounding each patio.

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4170 E US-Hwy 377
Granbury, Texas 76049
United States


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